Scott has an extraordinary knack for building high performance teams. In each of his many international assignments, he was able to take challenging situations and turn them around through the power of mobilizing people. Scott’s consistent ability to create a winning environment by aligning and motivating associates earned him company-wide recognition and the appropriate nickname “Mr. Engagement!”

Andrea Jung<br>President and CEO, Grameen America<br>Former Chairman and CEO, Avon Products, Inc

Over the past 15 years I have had the opportunity to work with Scott on many different occasions here in the USA and in key markets around the world.  While I can go on and on about the success Scott and I have enjoyed together, what I want to stress most is his ability to quickly evaluate a situation and rapidly come up with an action plan that delivers tangible results. While results are critical, what has always impressed me about Scott is his ability to bring a team together with a strong foundation of unwavering values.  If you are looking for someone to quickly understand your business model and coach a team to become a “TRUE” team he is your man!

Brian Connolly<br>Former EVP / President,Avon North America<br>Direct Selling Association Hall of Fame 2008

Scott and Stu delivered a very engaging seminar on personality styles at our National Conference. The feedback from our Representatives was excellent and it is helping them be more effective in working with their teams, hostesses and customers. I’ve worked alongside Scott for many years and recommend him highly to work with your organization on team building, executive coaching and international expansion.

Tom Kelly<br>resident and COO Silpada

In my 35-year career, Scott proved to be not only the best manager, the best leader, but also the best teacher I have ever worked with. He brought vision, leadership, engagement and charisma to our business; a style which impact quickly turned into real profit dollars. In a span of a little more than two years, our team moved from an ‘average’ delivery to world-wide leading results. We started with simple strategies, low hanging fruits, and worked our way to much more complex initiatives and stretched objectives. We never quit. We knew we had the team to deliver if we managed to get everyone involved in the process. Scott was there to make sure each of us understood our respective roles, gave us a voice, and removed barriers that stood in our way. Scott can be a guiding light or a helping hand to individuals who need assurance they are on the right track, or teams that are looking for cohesion and success.

Claude Cornellier<br>CRHA – Vice President Human Resources Hartco<br>Canada

Scott is a great visionary and inspiring Leader.  Working with him 6 years made the difference in my career. He is a developer, sharing his knowledge, developing your skills, empowering his team to make sure his people are successful in achieving their goals. What a great coach!  He is a strategic and a tactical person. Having a long term Vision to inspire others, and building a strong road map with clear milestones.  He is full of energy and his energy is contagious! Scott, it was a such great experience working with you! Thank you.

Nathalie Coppola<br>General Manager Nutrimetics<br>Australia

Scott is one of the most people-oriented and energetic leaders I have ever worked with. He has a natural skill for coaching and developing people and manages to engage his teams and drive them to high levels of performance. He is a great inspiration and a lot of fun to work with.

Daniel Afonso<br>Global VP of Human resources Hästens<br>Sweden

Scott brought to Avon Canada a style of management and a culture that was inspiring, empowering and highly engaging. His energy and enthusiasm were highly contagious and his belief in his people helped drive optimal performance and record-breaking results! I consider Scott Schlackman to be one of my most important and relevant career mentors in my life and today I apply much of what I learned from him to my style of management. I highly recommend any individual or company seeking to improve or to optimize performance to be coached and mentored by Scott!

Mimi Cohen<br>Director of Marketing – Yeh! Yogurt<br>Canada

Scott Schlackman is the ultimate global consultant. His vast professional experience will be a great source on coaching people and help them to face the modern issues of working life. His personality and his life experience are two strong pillars on team building as well. The beautiful combination of coaching skills and team building ability makes Scott a powerful partner for any person needing some help on any of those fields.

Rui Rodrigues<br>President Avon Spain and Portugal

I have recently started to work together with Scott.  He has been coaching me on many different points.  I must say I am very happy to be working with him.  We have developed an excellent working relationship and a strong personal bond in a very short time. He is someone I know I can trust. Scott was able to quickly understand the issues that I was encountering and help me find the best way to resolve them.  He helped me to better understand my personality and how to better understand the people I am working with. I love the personality styles tool that he uses. It is easy to understand and even easier to apply. It definitely helped me look at people in a different way. I look forward to continue working together with Scott as I develop in my career.

Tommy Rocher,Yves Rocher<br>France

Scott is an inspirational leader with great people and management skills! He is an exceptional talent in building team spirit and synergies among team members. His expertise in marketing and sales are second to none!! A leader who inspires people, a change agent who lives values like integrity, trust, respect and belief.

Marianna Nanou<br>President Avon Greece

Scott is an exceptionally talented global leader who has demonstrated his ability to inspire and lead teams of associates across 4 continents over a career spanning 30 years. He has lived and worked in places as diverse as the US, Philippines, France the UK and more.  An American from New York with a lifetime of experience of living and working across the globe, Scott is a unique individual with a passion for life and learning

John Higson President<br>Europe, Middle East and Africa<br>Head of Global Field Operations

Scott is the epitome of Values-Based Leadership—exuding belief, integrity, respect, trust and humility.  Ask anyone who has worked closely with Scott and they will tell you that this is his leadership compass.  As an HR leader these are the traits that I attempt to coach and train on-with Scott this was innate and I learned a lot along the way working with him.  He is a leader that takes the time to develop, cultivate and without a doubt motivate talent.  My experience working with Scott is that he has this amazing calming effect; yet at the same time a powerful drive. While some leaders can be described as “all heart” or “all head”, the best way to describe Scott is “all of the above.

C. Hayward Williams<br>Director Human Resources Avon<br>North America

It’s easy to find a speaker that will inspire you for a moment in time. However, long term, motivation is only as good as the tools you have to support it. This is where Stu separates himself. For our annual conference of franchise owners, we wanted to give them a truly valuable presentation that would not be forgotten within a few hours. Stu did his homework to learn about us ahead of time, arrived early enough to interact with us before his workshop, and then made the time he had with us count with engaging, enlightening, and invaluable insight into what makes us all individuals. The books and reference materials he included were truly appreciated as an ongoing connection to the message. There is not a doubt in my mind that the conversation he started with us will continue for years to come and go in many different directions for each of our attendees. We cannot recommend Stu highly enough.

Joey St.John<br>VP of Operations<br>JumpBunch, Inc.

So grateful Stu and Scott presented at the Silpada National Conference. I think your workshops were incredibly successful-great feedback! I’m anxious to finish your book-it’s so interesting to confirm what my mom’s been telling me my whole life! Wishing you continued success and hope to see you again!

Mandy Fouts<br>Field Training Team Lead<br>Silpada Designs

I wanted to let you know how powerful your training was.  I have surveyed my teams and they were blown away.  “Best training ever” is the common theme. You gave us an incredible insight into our own behaviors and make up.  Equipped with this knowledge we are in s better position to help our customers achieve their goals which in turn helps us achieve ours. Thank you for everything.  I look forward to have you come back out again.

Cory Turner<br>Sales Manager<br>ADT Security Services

Stu, I want you know how much our entire group enjoyed your Personality Styles Workshop. The concepts have really seemed to stick, and I see agents arranging their case prep according to their read on the person’s “color profile”. It’s amazing to watch how, with just a few clues, we’re all consistently being able to “peg” people and tailor our conversations to hold their interest. I anticipate the tips you gave them will allow our team to help more people meet their financial and organizational resolutions in 2007.

Karen I. Boykin,<br>Registered Representative<br>Financial Services Professional Agent New York Life Insurance Co.

I wanted to let you know I was personally able to close a large deal 12/31 using your techniques. This individual was a bright blue and recognizing that enabled me to get this done. It was not a matter of facts I was able to show him it all came down to his blue characteristics and the relationship I was finally able to build.
We appreciate all you help!

Joe Dan Rowland<br>Producer<br>Goldman Sachs

As in all companies with limited budgets, training dollars for employees are at a premium. I manage an area of high technology in the telecommunications business, and our limited training dollars are typically allocated to technical training. This practice has created a widening gap in soft skill capabilities among our managers. Stu’s course helped bridge that gap.Stu gears his materials and delivery to the audience, making the class pertinent to all who attend. He creates an environment that is effective, yet fun and informal. With his energy and sense of humor, Stu is a great motivator for the team, giving them the tools they need, and encouraging them to practice and build confidence.In a company as customer-focused as ours, it is important that our managers know the guidelines for presenting their material and themselves effectively, whether they are selling, informing, or motivating. Stu’s course provided the foundation for them to present themselves in a professional manner. His passion for his subject matter is contagious.

Janet Kennedy<br>Assistant Vice President<br>AT&T, Inc.